Cours de photo

Cours de photo

Apprenez à exploiter les fonctions de votre appareil photo numérique tout en pratiquant votre anglais.

Le cours de Tim Johnson, photographe anglais professionnel, aborde à la fois la théorie et la pratique de la photo.


Modalités pour l’année 2018-2019 :

Les modalités et tarifs pour 2018-2019 seront fixés en septembre.

Le cours aura lieu au printemps 2019.



Photography Course – Presentation :

My name is Tim Johnson and I have been taking photos for a very long time. I have made some great images and some huge mistakes. I would like to share some of my experience with people who want to learn in a relaxed atmosphere and ask the questions you always wanted answered. Learning is most effective as a shared experience, so please do not come expecting a school lesson. I aim to personalize the sessions to meet real needs and not just blindly follow a set programme.

During the first session we will gauge the level of each person, taking time to look at each other’s photos. The idea is to encourage and not destroy someone’s confidence! I will examine everyone’s equipment, evaluate their ability and base the level of the course on what I find.

Subjects which will be covered will include:

  • How does my camera work? I have spent a lot of money but do not think I am using it to its full capacity. This subject will be covered over several lessons as various aspects of the camera and photographic process are explained.
  • What is a ‘good’ photo? What do I have to do to the results I want?
  • Lighting? What is good light and how important is it? How do I take flash photos so they don’t look like photocopies?
  • Help, I have been asked to ‘do’ a wedding (or sports event, dance gala, school play…..)
  • Why do people spend a fortune on lenses when the shop assistant said this one would do it all?
  • How many pixels do I need? What IS a pixel anyway?
  • My camera has an Auto setting, why do I need P, S, A or M in addition? What do they stand for anyway?
  • Why do ‘pro’ photos look pro? Can anyone do this?
  • Why should I print my best photos?
  • What should I put in my photo and what should I leave out?
  • How do I make my photos look good on the computer, and is this cheating?
  • Tim’s Laws of Photography – ideas to bear in mind or ignore as you wish!

I will suggest topics for photos to be brought to the next lesson

I will try to reduce the fear of technical aspects that some people have, and encourage each person to make progress.